Every hotel is unique so that we can give our guests a unique and special experience. Our staff adapts to each property in order to enhance its distinctive features and develop it into a top competitor in its market.


Every House Needs a Solid Foundation. This is what drives us. This is what defines us.

From our top executives to our hotel staff, we have taken these values to heart. It is that commitment to excellence that has fueled our past successes and will propel our future triumphs.

Sustainability    Uniqueness    Growth    Appeal    Quality


Communication is the Key to any successful business. That’s why at Beach House Hospitality we listen to problems and develop solutions.

Every employee, every guest, every voice must be heard. It is through such empathy that employees feel valued, and guests feel welcomed.

We appreciate our employees and seek to instill in them a sense of loyalty, security, and motivation. It’s a guiding principle that creates valuable, long-term employees who contribute to the growth and success of the company.

Rick Macaya

Rick is currently specializing in the repositioning and management of multi-family, commercial and hospitality properties throughout the Western United States. He has been licensed by the Department of Real Estate since 1986. He has also served as project manager for the construction and rehabilitation of several multi-family projects and currently manages his own real estate portfolio.

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